Fourteen-year-old Will Burrows lives with his family in London. He has little in common with them except for a passion for digging which he shares with his father.

When his father suddenly disappears down an unknown tunnel, Will decides to investigate with his friend Chester. Soon they find themselves deep underground, where they unearth a dark and terrifying secret – a secret which may cost them their lives.

Tunnels and its sequel Deeper have gone on to sell over 150,000 copies in the UK alone, and will be published in over 32 different languages across the world. Shortly after release, the film rights were snapped up by a large Hollywood financier.

The third book in the series, Freefall, was released in May 2009 and a fourth book Closer was released in May 3 2010.

A movie version of Tunnels is to be released in 2010.